Safety Talk

Each month the Stark County Safety Council sends out Safety Talk. These Safety Talks help educate your employees on safety hazards in the workplace and can be the first line of offense to protect them. This is a great way to teach OSHA emphasis programs, such as hazcom, fire extinguishers, fall protection and trench stand down months and document the training. This is another bonus of being a Safety Council Member, and a great resource for training purposes.

These Safety Talks are emailed to our members and also archived here for your convenience. If you feel you have a relevant topic, and would like to send it in and we use it, we would gladly put your name on the Safety Topic for everyone to see. Contact Connie Cerny for more information.

Current Issues:

Managing Coronavirus-related stress

National Heart Safety Month

February Safety Talk: Health Hazards

December Safety Talk: Be Safe on Ice

November Safety Talk: Deer Season

Fire Safety Month

Safety Talk: Bees & Wasps

September Safety Talk: Eye Protection

August Safety Talk: Back to School

July Safety Talk: Lightening Strikes

June Safety Talk: Heat Injuries

May Safety Talk: Fall Protection

April Safety Talk: 811

April Safety Talk: Distracted Driving

March Safety Talk: 5 Rules for Backing Up Safely

February Safety Talk: Carbon Monoxide “The Silent Killer”

January Safety Talk: Be SAFE on the Ice